Charlie Taillard is a visual artist based in Normandy, France. He was born in Neuilly S/Seine near Paris in 1970 and attended the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg before moving to London in 1990. While in London, he made the most of his time by traveling extensively and focusing on his painting and artistic pursuits. After returning from India in 1994, Charlie founded his own company, You Are Not Limited. This company enabled him to serve as a VJ at several music festivals in England and to create a wide range of flyers, album covers, and posters for events and festivals throughout the country.

Charlie is also known for creating the Think Positive sticker. The first iteration of the sticker was created during a visit to Brazil, and since then there have been four versions of the sticker. Over 4000 of these stickers have been made and can be found in various locations around the world. Charlie’s extensive travels, including to India, Tibet, and Brazil, have greatly influenced his work and are reflected in the strong spiritual inspiration present in many of his creations.

Charlie has been involved in the world of VJing and video mapping for over 25 years, and has had the opportunity to work on a wide range of events and projects during that time. His journey in VJing began in 1995, when he was using two VHS tape players and an analog video mixer to provide visual support at festivals and parties in the UK. Some of the festivals and events Charlie worked at during this time included Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Sunrise Celebration, and The Glade. He was also a resident VJ at The Synergy Project, an indoor London festival with a 1400-person capacity.

In the late 1990s, the digital video revolution arrived, and Charlie was able to take advantage of the new technology by purchasing the first Sony Digital video camcorder and transitioning to working in broadcast quality for production studios and advertising agencies in London. He worked on motion graphics and special effects for these clients, and gained valuable experience in the field.

More recently, Charlie has focused on video mapping, using specialized software and hardware to create immersive visual experiences at events such as the London Fashion Awards, Paul Ricard Global Congress at Les Embiez, BBC Awards at the Sky Gardens tower, and Le Mystere du Dernier Duel show at the Carrouges Castle. He has a dozen powerful video projectors at his disposal, and is well-equipped to handle projects of any size or scope.

Overall, Charlie’s years of experience in VJing and video mapping have given him the skills and expertise necessary to deliver top-quality visual support for a wide range of events. He offers a range of services and is available for events and projects worldwide.

“You will only find answers to your questions by behaving correctly, not by asking the right questions. Knowledge is a state of mind and being, not an intellectual pursuit, although thinking about it may be necessary.

Your behavior is like a mirror, reflecting both your being and your possessions. The inside and the outside are the same. The source is within you, it is the essence of life and a connection to God and the Universal Consciousness. Treat life as you wish to be treated, including people, animals, and the elements. Protect and be protected, love and be loved, respect and be respected, feel and be felt, heal the outer self to heal the inner self.

Every soul is a universe and a part of the larger universe. God is the law of karma, both being and having. Control what you have through who you are. This is a common path shared by all paths. PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING. Truth leads to happiness and will show you the way.

Charlie .:. Taillard
Pushkar, India 19th February 1994.

The band The Turbans wrote a song about my stickers…

I designed all the flyers for The Synergy Project

In addition to his visual art and VJing work, Charlie also creates T-shirt designs that are available for purchase on Amazon. These designs can be found on the SHOP page of his website. By purchasing one of Charlie’s T-shirts, you can support his artistic endeavors and show off your unique style.


In 1998, I founded YOU ARE NOT LIMITED, a UK Ltd company that specializes in creating multimedia productions for corporate clients.